Wagamama High Spec Episode 5 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Scary After-School.
Episode Description:
Ashe is spooked out after reading a book of horror stories she borrowed from Kouki. Due to the late hour, she heads for home, but is spooked out by the dimness and silence of the school. Suddenly, she is spies many crows flying about, and runs away down the hall in fright, and down the stairs. There, she is freaked out by a faceless girl wearing a dripping wet uniform and sprints back up to the student council room, where she meets Toa. However, as Toa stands up to greet her, Ashe realises that Toa's face resembles a deathly pale ghost face, and faints in fright. In truth, the crows were flying to Mihiro, who was feeding them bits of grain and rice. The faceless girl was actually Kaoruko, whose black locks happened to fall over her face. Her uniform was wet as the faucet had broke and sprayed her with water. Meanwhile, Toa was chewing some bubble gum, which when popped, splattered onto her face in a white gooey glob.

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