Wagamama High Spec Episode 4 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Frantic Hunting.
Episode Description:
Due to Kaoruko's constant sketches of manga, the floor is now littered with balls of used paper. Toa and Ashe do not seem to mind as they feel that the cleaner is coming on the weekends to clean up anyway. Their lazy manner is changed to fear when Kaoruko notices a cockroach scuttling among the papers. Screaming, the three girls except for the fearless Mihiro huddle in a corner and they beg Mihiro to kill it. At once, Mihiro is prepared to take action, scrolling up a piece of paper in her hands, she slams it down on the cockroach, which is killed immediately. The girls are greatly relieved, but Mihiro, due to experience of running a restaurant, knows that there are bound to be more cockroaches, ordering them to clean up the student council room. After cleaning, the student council room has seemingly magically turned clean. However, there seem to be many more under the chest of drawers...

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