Wagamama High Spec Episode 6 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Puzzlingly Mysterious.
Episode Description:
Kaoruko gets excited after noticing a strange paper that Toa's brother, Kouki, left on the desk in the student council room, believing it to be the key to writing the next chapter of their Manga. In the end, Kaoruko supposedly solves it after looking through ancient Sumerian writing, converting it via calculation of Saturn's orbital period, omitting all 'noise' texts, before translating it to Aomori text and then ancient Japanese text, revealing the message: In the seventh month of 2016, the human race will die. Kaoruko innocently believes the message, and begins to weep but Mihiro and Ashe find it rather ridiculous. As the 3 girls begin to argue, Toa arrives, take a glance at the note, and explains to them that her brother's handwriting gets very messy when he is in a hurry, helping them translate the message: I am in a supplementary class because I failed a test, so I'll be late. This proves to be something totally unrelated to what Kaoruko originally made it out to be.

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