Garfield in the Rough


Episode Title:
Garfield in the Rough.
Episode Description:
Garfield is living in a boring, black and white world, claiming that all the color has gone out of his life (which explains the subtitle at the beginning "Please do not adjust your sets, all the color has temporarily gone out of Garfield's life"). Jon agrees that all the color has gone and suggests a vacation as a remedy. The color suddenly comes back into Garfield's life. He is excited that Jon wants to take him and Odie on vacation, where he imagines himself in places such as Acapulco, Honolulu and Venice. After realizing that each destination has its drawbacks, Garfield concludes it doesn't matter because they won't be staying home. This joy is short-lived once Jon announces that they're going camping. But Jon forces Garfield to go...

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