Garfield on the Town


Episode Title:
Garfield on the Town.
Episode Description:
Jon becomes very angry and concerned about Garfield's behavior after he and Odie mess up his house. Somewhere in between being dragged out of Jon's house and driven to the vet, Garfield accidentally falls out from Jon's car and is later lost in the inner city. Not losing his optimism, Garfield tries to make the most of it until he runs into a large gang of unfriendly alley cats known as the Claws. Garfield confronts the gang leader, who later calls for the rest of his gang, in which Garfield runs away and ends up in an abandoned restaurant, where he is reunited with his estranged mother. The building they are in used to be "Mama Leoni's Italian Restaurant", which is Garfield's birthplace and also where he discovered his love for lasagna. Meanwhile, Jon calls Garfield's vet, Dr. Liz Wilson, to ask her about Garfield, but Liz unexpectedly hangs up on Jon instead. Next, Jon calls Lost and Found and asks them to hang posters to find Garfield around the town, but Jon has to make sentences shorter only because it costs him lots of money.

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