Amphibia Episode 13 Croak and Punishment / Trip to the Archives


Episode Title:
Croak and Punishment / Trip to the Archives.
Episode Description:
Croak and Punishment: Sprig finds a blue moon shell that he hopes to give to Ivy on her birthday. However, the shell gets stolen so he and Anne play cops and try and find the culprit. After a series of dead ends, they encounter a southern tusk frog named Gunther who is sweet and nice, but when angered turns into a giant monster. Realizing that they have been causing too much trouble, Sprig apologizes and Gunther forgives them...
Trip to the Archives: Anne and the Plantars go to the archives to learn more about how to get Anne home. Sprig quickly grows bored and tries to get everyone thrusted into an adventure. However in his haste, hey destroys a key piece that was supposed to keep the archive doors open; trapping them all inside. Anne pokes her head through the skylight and gets stuck just as cicadas arrive to graze...

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