Amphibia Episode 12 - Civil Wart / Hop-Popular


Episode Title:
Civil Wart / Hop-Popular.
Episode Description:
Civil Wart: After the town theater troop gets eaten, Anne decides to show everyone in town the movie Love Choice. Everyone immediately becomes split due to the protagonists' two differing love interests and two factions are made with Sprig and Polly leading their opposing sides. The whole town goes to war with Anne and Hop Pop trying to get Sprig and Polly to end their feud...
Hop-Popular: Still sad over losing the stand, Hop Pop decides to run for mayor to oppose Toadstool, much to everyone's delight. Anne, Sprig and Polly decide to help him win; fearing that he will become depressed if he loses. Hop Pop's popularity actually soars to the point that Toadstool tells him to forfeit. Instead, they go into the final round in the form of a boxing match that ends with Hop Pop the victor...

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