Akiba Maid War Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Akiba Creatures Go Wild! Let the Moe Festivities Begin!!
Episode Description:
The "Lady Omoe Festival" is about to start, a festival in honor of the first ever Akiba Maid, where all the local Maid Cafes sell themselves and their snacks to the visitors, and then race to reach the top of a giant Lady Omoe statue where the winning maid cafe gets increased prestige and sales. With Creatureland as the sole organizer for this year's festival, the Debt Collector is tasked with instructing all Maid Cafes to ensure that Nagi's own cafe, Dazzlion, is the winner of the race. However, the Oinky Doink Manager quickly loses her copy of the guidelines as the staff prepare some pigs feet and a stand to sell them at the festival. When the Lady Omoe Festival begins, Nagomi stays up all day to make the stall look better, but the festival has been arranged so their stand isn't even on the map. When Nagomi tries to sell her pigs feet elsewhere, the other maids punish her for it. As night falls, the Oinky Doink maids decide to cut in line in front of the others and race for real, not aware of the rigged guidelines...

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