Akiba Maid War Episode 10 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
To Die For Love: Tears Fall on Electric Town
Episode Description:
Mr. Suehiro strangles a maid to death before visiting the Oinky Doink Cafe, where business is booming after their victory in the Lady Omoe Festival. Suehiro has been a frequent guest of the maid cafe and of Ranko in particular, and asks Ranko out on a date. Though Nagomi is against the idea of Ranko falling in love, the Manager accepts on Ranko's behalf, thinking Suehiro is a wealthy banker. Okachimachi tries to stop Ranko from going out, but the rest of the cafe's staff help her with makeup and clothes. Suehiro spends the day taking her around Ueno, and then at night, offers to run away with her to Sapporo. After he leaves, Okachimachi appears again and begins to speak, warning that Suehiro plans to kill her. She then reveals herself to be the maid who gunned down Ranko's old boss, Michiyo, thinking she would get a promotion...

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