Yukikaze Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Operation 2.
Episode Description:
The ordeals from the previous mission leaves Rei Fukai in a catatonic state, which proves short-lived when he responds to the Yukikaze AI, now transferred into the prototype FRX-00 Mave (a manned version of the FRX-99 that has been equipped with a countermeasure system to detect JAM computer infiltrations), as the latter strafes a FAF tactical airfield that it identifies as a JAM entity during a test flight. This and several suspected acts of sabotage made on other FAF aircraft raise alarms to some FAF officials, including Brigadier General Cooley, on possible JAM infiltrations. She assigns Rei to the prototype Mave under the observations of Edith Foss, who will soon have an opportunity to profile both Rei and Yukikaze under combat situations.

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