Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road Episode 11 English Subbed


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Arakita defeats Machimiya and promises to by him a soda after the race so they can become friends. Machimiya's team considers continuing to the finish line, but they realize they will never be able to catch the lead pack with their determination. Arakita brings Onoda and Manami to the front of the pack where they join their captains and other teammates. Shortly afterward, the rest of Sohoku and Hakone arrive, leaving Midousuji at a huge disadvantage as the teams are now 6–6–2. However Midousuji reveals that team members for Sohoku and Hakone will shortly start dropping, with whomever is displaying the most energy falling first. Midousuji knows that once Sohoku and Hakone get down to two or three teammates each he will have a chance to win it all. The only thing is he must remain within a reasonable striking distance to have any true chance at victory.

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