Yowamushi Pedal Episode 14 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Reunion at Dawn.
Episode Description:
As Day 3 begins, Onoda gets up earlier than everyone else to begin his day of work hoping he can slowly pull himself back into the competition. He has only completed 390 km to date, and the task of completing another 610 km in two days seems overbearing. Meanwhile Manami sneaks into the cycling training center Sohoku is at hoping to find the mysterious climber that Toudou told him of. However he has arrived earlier than anyone else, and Onoda is the only one out on the track. Onoda runs into Manami and tries to return his water bottle. Manami instead proposes a race between him and Onoda. The condition- if Manami wins, Onoda has to keep the water bottle. As their race comes to an exciting conclusion, Manami realizes that Onoda is under a special training regimen and says for Onoda to return his water bottle to him, but only when they see each other at the Inter-High. Onoda begins to wonder if he truly has any chance of finishing and determines to do his best until the end.

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