Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru OVA Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
There's No Choice but to Wish Them Happiness Right Here as They Arrive at Their Destiny.
Episode Description:
One morning, Hachiman ponders on the true nature of marriage and comes to the conclusion that people inevitably deceive themselves into thinking it makes them happy. Shizuka later tasks the Service Club with writing articles for submission to a local municipal magazine, which detail how contemporary teenagers view the institution of marriage. The Service Club accept the request and after brainstorming about research ideas, they decide to draft some surveys and take a sample from the persons remaining in the school. However the results only further emphasize the inexperience of their peers and Yukino decides to enlist Komachi for assistance after deducing that taking care of Hachiman would be the same as a marriage. Komachi arrives and suggests that they refocus the research on the traits of a good housewife and then has Yukino, Yui, Shizuka and herself draw information from various contests, including displays of cooking skills, reactions to hypothetical scenarios and a bridal dress contest. Finally, the Service Club takes their findings home and despite lagging behind Yui and Yukino with the workload, Hachiman writes that while people may not be able to prepare for the hardships of marriage—everyone has a right to wish for happiness.

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