Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3 Episode 3 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Iruma's True Feelings
Episode Description:
Barbatos shows Iruma her bloodline ability let’s her create bows from any material, but Iruma will need a power core for the spell. Iruma selects a feather from his friend the valley Guardian Beast. Barbatos warns him the next exam, the Harvest Festival, is a battle for survival, and unless he can create a bow tailored to his desires he will fail. Barbatos recalls her heartache over her past students who failed or quit, and doubts Iruma will succeed as he seems to have no desires at all. Goemon and Picero evolve their bloodline abilities to escape Vepar’s water cage. Crocell and Kamui form better relationships with their creatures and become stronger Summoners. Lied begins beating Balse at games, showing his improved concentration. Sabnock and Asmodeus learn to cooperate and strike Balam. Elisabetta masters sexy posing, but Clara masters sexiness through purity, the rarest sexiness. Iruma thinks hard about his desired bow, until Alicred points out thinking hard is the problem; desires are instinctive and above all, selfish. Thus he demands Iruma’s most selfish wish, which Iruma reveals is to heroically reach Daleth. Iruma successfully creates a winged demonic bow so perfect it fills Barbatos heart with hope again. With every Misfit having proven their potential for Daleth the tutors move them on to the next stage of training; weeks of hellish suffering.

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