Wagamama High Spec Episode 7 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Mumbly Sleeping.
Episode Description:
Kaoruko has bags under her eyes due to how she has been burning the midnight oil. Ashe and Mihiro, noticing this, are determined to put Kaoruko to sleep and let her have some rest. Mihiro sings her a lullaby while Ashe tucks her in, but this does not appear to work. Ashe then tries hypnosis therapy but gets hypnotized herself instead. In the end, Toa proposes a CD of sleep-effective music which she just bought recently. This soon proves to be effective and Kaoruko is soon fast asleep. The other girls then prepare to do some work. When Kaoruko wakes up feeling refreshed, she espies the other girls had been fast asleep as well, thanks to the CD.

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