Wagamama High Spec Episode 1 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Glaring Summer Days.
Episode Description:
The four student council members—Kaoruko Rukuonji (president), Ashe R. Sakuragi (vice-president), Mihiro Miyase (secretary), and Toa Narumi (treasurer)—are introduced. The four girls are doing their work on a hot day in June and sweating profusely in the student council room. Unable to stand the heat, Ashe proposes that they take off their clothes, owing to no one seeing them and anyway, they are all girls. At this idea, Mihiro agrees heartily and Kaoruko follows their example shyly. Meanwhile, Toa was just about to sneak off to the library to escape the heat and the embarrassment of taking off her clothes. However, the others spring up on her and despite her protests, begins to remove her clothes. Screaming, Toa pushes past them and hits the air-conditioner switch, causing the temperature to shoot up to a boiling 40 degrees Celsius. Now hotter than ever, all the girls express their desire to leave the room, but Kaoruko brings up a good point that the students would probably call them perverts.

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