Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime Season 2 Episode 5 - Treasure Haunt


Episode Title:
Treasure Haunt.
Episode Description:
The brothers sell Hobbes-Sutclyffe Hall to "a big lady who has her arm in a sling" (Nanny from Count Duckula, who reappeared in this episode with Duckula himself and Igor) for a map that shows them where they can find the hidden treasure of Sir Pelham Hobbes-Sutclyffe; they initially intend to masquerade as DWP men to effect access to the Hall, but the Hobbes-Sutclyffes' butler Ponsford takes them to be musicians instead (however, they are exposed as frauds when the real musicians show up, and thrown out of the Hall). Victor then has the idea that they disguise themselves as ghosts to frighten the Hobbes-Sutclyffes away - however, both Duckula and Nanny (who are trying to get their map back) and Lord Hobbes-Sutclyffe and Piers Flimsy have the same idea to frighten the other two pairs away, and they are all eventually frightened away by the Hall's real ghosts, Angus and Jeremy, when Lord Hobbes-Sutclyffe blasts a hole in its ceiling with his elephant gun. In this episode, Igor had no dialogue, but it was explained away by Nanny telling Duckula he was fed up of his adventures.

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