Vermeil in Gold Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Mage of Heaven's Will
Episode Description:
Several students try, but cannot affect the flame and fail. Lilia realizes it is because they are focusing their mana on the crystal and not the flame; she easily makes the flame big. Cheryl and a student from another school also make the flame big, while Marx barely manages to affect it and pass. Alto is last; he realizes one can pour mana more easily by approaching the crystal from behind, but Vermeil encourages him to show off, so he pours his mana from the most difficult spot and makes the flame so big it shatters the crystal. He apologizes, but the professor says he passes. Alto and his friends have a picnic before the written exam and encourage each other. Vermeil pulls Alto into a hallway to kiss him, almost making him late. The student from the other school goes to the bathroom and complains about Alto showing off, but Iolite sneaks in and murders him before stealing his test ticket. Meanwhile, Elena and Jessica practice fencing. After Elena wins, they take a shower and discuss Alto and Vermeil. Jessica still cannot believe he summoned a demon, while Elena says they are obviously in love. Alto reaches the test room, but Vermeil has to wait outside. Iolite enters, sits next to Alto, and wishes him luck.

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