Vermeil in Gold Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Though suspicious of Elena's motives, Alto accepts her offer, making Lilia, Marx, and Cheryl proud. Vermeil later warns him that she suspects Elena is not human. The two attend a council meeting, but walk in on Elena, Chris, and Jessica changing clothes. Jessica freaks out, but Elena and Chris merely say it was their fault for not locking the door. Elena brings in a piece of the creature she fought. They examine it and find a magic they have never seen before. Meanwhile, Iolite and Heliodor meet the creature's master, Kohakumiya. Iolite angers her by revealing he killed someone he was supposed to recruit, then he and Heliodor leave to target Alto and Vermeil. Alto dreams of a child Vermeil crying in a ruined city, then a woman tells him to choose between helping humanity and bringing salvation, or helping Vermeil and bringing destruction. He wakes up and is nervous about the upcoming exam, so Vermeil kisses him to drain and then supercharge him. Students from all over the country show up to take the exam. The professor shows them a crystal ball with a flame inside and says they must pour their mana into the flame to strengthen it.

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