Vampire Knight Episode 2 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Memories of Blood.
Episode Description:
On St. Valentine's Day, Yuki and Zero are forced to organize the exchanging of chocolates between the Day Class and Night Class members, a process made difficult by the fact that most of members of the Day Class are enamored with members of the Night Class. After the Night Class students receive all their presents, Zero gives Yuki's present to Kaname, who takes her present after discarding all the other gifts he received. Zero is constantly tempted by Yuki's scent and he has to go somewhere away from Yuki to avoid hurting her. That evening, Zero is attacked by several Night Class students, including Hanabusa and Akatsuki, and they retreat after realizing that attacking him would incur Kaname's anger. Afterwards, Yuki finds Zero in Kaien's bathroom, giving him a chocolate she made herself. Zero sees Yuki's neck and his vampire impulses start, but he leaves before anything happens. After Zero leaves, Yuki notices he had a blood tablet with him, confusing her.

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