Turok: Son of Stone


Episode Title:
Turok: Son of Stone.
Episode Description:
The film begins with Turok, Nashoba, and Catori all playfully chasing each other. The group then encounters a rival group of Native Americans who attempt to kill Turok. Turok kills them all, and while in a blinding rage from the attack, ends up attacking his brother by accident. Turok's father, Hanoqui, the tribe's Chief defends his son's actions. The tribe's medicine man though proceeds to exile Turok, in the hopes that his exile, will prevent revenge and bloodshed. Sixteen years later, Nashoba and Catori's son, Andar (Adam Gifford), finds Turok. Andar reveals that Nashoba survived the wounds from Turok's attack and has become Chief of the tribe. Andar requests that Turok return to the tribe to fend off an enemy attack that could wipe out the tribe. It is revealed that by Turok killing the enemy tribesman years before, it has sparked a war between the two tribes. Turok at first declines to help. During the attack, the leader of the enemy tribe, Chichak, injures Nashoba. Almost all the warriors are killed in the battle with Chichak's men, giving no protection to the tribe's women and children. Soon after the battle, Turok comes to the battleground to find a dying Nashoba to whom he swears he will protect the tribe. Turok and Andar arrive to find Chichak's men destroying the village. It is revealed that Chichak is the son of the leader of the men that Turok killed years before. Chichak then takes Catori hostage and flees from the village with Turok and Andar following. After fleeing, Chichak arrives in a cave full of bones where a standoff takes place between the trio. Soon after, a terror bird leaps out and kills one of the horses by beheading her, surprising the group. In the midst of the chaos, with Andar and Turok attacking the bird, Chichak flees with Catori further into the cave, with the former two only wounding the terror bird. Turok and Andar find an opening in the cave that leads them to the Lost Lands. When Andar hears footsteps, he assumes they belong to herds of buffalo, but when he gets up there were no buffalo to be found, only a herd of grazing Ankylosaurus, which begin to stampede. After running away from the stampeding herd of Ankylosaurs, Turok finds a Carnotaurus attacking Chichak and Catori. Turok and Andar rescue Catori and eventually escape from both Chichak and the Carnotaurus by floating on a log down a river. While on the log, the trio see various creatures in the Lost Lands...

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