Tsuki To Laika To Nosferatu Episode 12 English Subbed


Episode Title:
To the New World.
Episode Description:
Lev arrives in Sangrad to give his speech to the nation. Meanwhile, Anya knocks out the guards in the lab and helps Irina escape so they can go see Lev. Shortly after, government agents looking to eliminate Irina arrive at the lab only to find her missing. Lev initially gives a standard speech that doesn't mention Irina, and she loses heart and decides to return to the lab. However, Lev changes his speech and instead publicly reveals Irina's existence and that she is in fact the first cosmonaut. Inspired, Irina manages to storm the stage with Lev's help while Gegriev halts any attempt to stop them. Despite initial hostility from the crowd, Irina gives her own speech, expressing how Lev helped achieve her dream of reaching space before humans, and now her new dream is to go to the Moon together with him...

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