Trigun Stampede Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Millions Knives
Episode Description:
Vash and Knives witnessed the survivors of the crashed ship use up their plants to power their new city causing Knives to swear revenge against all humanity. He struck out, killing the human guards and when Luida arrived to retrieve Vash, Knives ordered him to kill her. Vash refused and when Knives tried to kill her, it caused Vash to unintentionally open a "gate" in his left arm. Knives removed Vash's arm to close the gate and then withdrew, promising that within a century, he would destroy "millions" of humans and populate the planet with plants. In the present, 150 years later, Vash wakes up in Ship Three, which intervened to stop the sand steamer. The much older Luida shows Meryl and Roberto a huge terrarium containing flora with which they plan to terraform Nomans Land. However, Meryl and Roberto are kidnapped by Zazie and taken to Knives' base in JuLai. Zazie reveals that they are in fact a hive mind representing the collective will of the indigenous Worms of Nomans Land, who are trying to determine whether they would benefit most by aligning themselves with humans or plants.

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