The Zeta Project Episode 11 - Kid Genius


Episode Title:
Kid Genius.
Episode Description:
Ro and Zeta are driving a motorcycle along the magway, when they are interrupted by a tornado warning. The motorcycle takes control of itself, and Ro and Zeta are brought to a shelter. However, Zeta can't detect a tornado and they are brought to a house in the suburbs. The house belongs to Bucky Buenventura, who had taken over the motorcycle. Bucky wants Zeta's help in finding his parents, who were kidnapped by Doctor Tannor. Zeta agrees, and they go with Bucky to the clinic where Dr. Tannor now works. Bucky's parents are working on a machine designed to rejuvenate patients, but it has malfunctioned, turning Bucky's parents and several patients into very small children.

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