The Woodlies Episode 21 - Staff of Dreams


Episode Title:
Staff of Dreams.
Episode Description:
Daisies, the old goblin woman, visits the goblins from time to time to teach them where to find edible things in the forest and how to tell the edible from the inedible. Our heroes are not consistently enthusiastic about these visits. Because one of them has to house daisies for the duration of her stay, has to massage the old man's corns, let her sleep in her own bed and endure her loud snoring. This time it hits Lamprey! But no matter how annoyed she is by her new roommate, daisy not only gains respect, but also the complete admiration of the goblin girl. Because the old woman proves to be both a wonderful storyteller and one who bravely takes on snorting wild boars and shows incredible skill in handling her long walking stick. The only bitter thing is that this irreplaceable cane suddenly falls into the hands of Mia's yellow-haired papa and threatens to disappear never to be seen again. The goblins have to stop that.

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