The Woodlies Episode 17 - Going commando


Episode Title:
Going commando.
Episode Description:
Siebenpunkt makes the acquaintance of something that he initially mistakes for a bird. In truth, however, he found a wooden cross covered with paper, a small kite, which is great for sailing through the forest. However, the gusts of wind are driving him so far towards the disgusting swamp that Lamprey and Firehead are worried about their friend. Rightly! Because Siebenpunkt not only fell, but also fell into the hands of the bush thieves who live here in the middle of the swamp. Lamprey and Firehead are by no means able to come to the kite pilot's aid quickly and easily. First the two get lost, then Firehead is injured so badly that he can no longer walk, and finally a snake is on the heels of the goblins, with whom cherries are anything but good. What started out so harmless slowly but surely escalates into a race to the death!

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