The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover


Episode Title:
The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover.
Episode Description:
In the middle of the night a strange masked man goes to the kingdom of Trumbeau. There, he makes a huge hole underneath a bridge near the village where everybody is fast asleep and he disappears. The next morning Derek, Odette and Chef Ferdinand are going to the village to have a meeting and Ferdinand are trying to get some new plants but they are sold to a man named Count Antonio. Ferdinand was very angry with him. Another king with his wife, were friends of King William, Odette's late father. The King told everybody and to Odette that her father once saved his life. Odette mentioned that her father often had told her about that. Ferdinand runs to Derek explaining what happened and he sees that the water from the bridge is coming to them and all the water goes out like a tsunami and he yells to everybody to run for their lives. Even Count Antonio saves a boy. The water had destroyed all the houses and the people don't know where to go and Odette and Derek are trying to help by telling the people to give money so they can build new houses and Count Antonio might help. On his way Ferdinand tries to stop him by forcing him to give him all the plants he had bought, but he tells Ferdinand to have them all leaving him happy now. In the afternoon Queen Uberta, Lord Rodgers, Alise, Odette and Derek and all the people reunite together to help and Lucas and his parents were also there and all are giving money...

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