The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 3 - Now Museum, Now You Don't


Episode Title:
Now Museum, Now You Don't.
Episode Description:
While sick, Lisa reads a book about Western art, and imagines her family as famous painters. "Lisanardo da Vinci": Lisa imagines herself as Leonardo da Vinci, the painter and inventor. "1863 France": After initially being picked on by the other students, a French impressionist (Bart) receives praise from a stranger for his work and he earns the respect of the other students. "Cupid": Cupid (Maggie) shoots Homer with an arrow and he dies, descending into a Hieronymus Bosch hell. "Frida Kahlo": Shortly after Diego Rivera (Homer) and Frida (Marge) are married, Diego has them move to America, where John D. Rockefeller has Diego paint a mural at the Rockefeller Center, while Frida is left out, causing friction in their marriage.

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