The Return of Jafar


Episode Title:
The Return of Jafar.
Episode Description:
One year after the events of the first film, Aladdin and Abu have settled in the palace with Princess Jasmine and her father, the Sultan, though Aladdin still yearns for adventures and foils the robbery of a group of criminals led by Abis Mal, stealing their loot and returning it to the people of Agrabah. Abis Mal swears vengeance on Aladdin. Meanwhile, in the desert, Iago escapes from the sand dunes and refuses to heed Jafar's demands to free him from his lamp, instead throwing the lamp into a well and returning to Agrabah, hoping to get close to Aladdin and return to the palace. During a confrontation with Aladdin and Abu, the three are attacked by Abis Mal and his men, and Iago inadvertently saves Aladdin's life. In gratitude, Aladdin keeps Iago on the palace grounds, promising to speak with the Sultan on his behalf. Abis Mal accidentally finds and frees Jafar after finding his lamp in the well. Hindered by his incompetent master, Jafar manipulates Abis Mal into wasting his first two wishes, and enlists his help in taking revenge on Aladdin in exchange for granting him a special third wish. Abis Mal, still desiring revenge on Aladdin, agrees. At the palace, the Genie returns after seeing the world, having missed his friends greatly, and at a banquet, the Sultan announces his intention to make Aladdin his new grand vizier. Iago is revealed, however, when Abu and Rajah chase him into the banquet. Aladdin desperately speaks up for Iago and convinces the Sultan to spare him, though Jasmine is left heartbroken that Aladdin did not confide in her. Genie and Iago help them reconcile and Jasmine agrees to give Iago a chance...

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