The Proud Family Movie


Episode Title:
The Proud Family Movie.
Episode Description:
The day before Penny's 16th birthday, her dad insists that she can't be a Spare Change dancer. However, Penny sneaks out of the house, and meets the rapper 15 Cent. Meanwhile, her dad failed to enter a snack academy. 15 Cent drives her home and Penny kisses him, and as her father yells, she's embarrassed. Penny is given the worst grounding she has ever received, and a rift begins between father and child, the culmination of the entire series. Her mom, Trudy, gives Penny the birthday present from her dad. All of a sudden, her family is invited on a cruise ship. They later learn it's a plot by the evil Dr. Carver (Arsenio Hall), who wants Oscar's secret to his new Proud Snack. Since Oscar won't reveal the secret, Dr. Carver sends peanut-shaped clones of Penny, Oscar, Trudy, Bebe & Cece, Suga Mama, and Puff back home. And the only place they will find the secret to the snack was in Penny's birthday present her necklace. In the end, they use Penny's necklace to make peanut butter clones who later get destroyed, leaving the peanut family to their business of eating hotdogs and performing 15 Cent's song, featuring Penny, Dijonay, Lacienga, and Zoey.

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