The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2 For the Future


Episode Title:
For the Future
Episode Description:
Luz and her friends arrive in the Boiling Isles to discover that the Collector has turned the denizens into puppets, with the exception of King, Odalia, Eda and Lilith. King does not want to hurt the Collector due to his childish innocence, but Belos takes over Raine's puppet to influence the Collector that everyone is against them. Luz, Camila and their friends find the Owl House and eventually run into the surviving Hexside students who have turned the school into a new society. However, Boscha rules the school with an iron fist and refuses to help the gang. It is later revealed that a disguised Kikimora has influenced Boscha who is still angered at Amity for leaving their friend group. Hunter and Gus aid Willow, following hurtful comments she receives from Boscha, while Camila helps Luz overcome her own anxiety. After convincing the whole school including Boscha to battle Kikimora, Luz and her friends escape to the Collector's castle as her Palisman finally hatches into a "snake shifter" which she calls Stringbean, much to everyone’s delight.

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