The Morose Mononokean Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Ring.
Episode Description:
A new request is obtained from a yokai named Manjiro, who wants them to find a missing ring from a pair. The rings are wedding rings, belonging to an old lady, who has lost her husband and was wearing both the rings.. but she has lost her own. Ashiya proclaims that he has always been good at finding lost metal things, and finds it within 15 minutes, but then they are stuck with the problem of how to return it to the old lady. Ashiya wants to tell the old lady all about the Manjiro, but they decide against it, since humans never react well to yokai. But when they reach the house, they are caught by the old lady before they mail the ring, and they end up telling her about Manjiro. Even as the old lady invites them for dinner as thanks, Abeno hears someone saying 'Found You!', and we see a footsteps disappearing from the top of the wall behind him.

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