The Loud House Season 5 Episode 7 - Blinded By Science/Band Together


Episode Title:
Blinded By Science/Band Together.
Episode Description:
Blinded By Science: Lisa is preparing to give a presentation at Genius Con. While getting a Flippee with Lincoln, Lisa finds that Flip has some odd features and persuades him to be her subject at Genius Con so that it would be a big business for Flip's Food and Fuel. After presenting Flip at Genius Con, Lisa is approached by Dr. Carol Linnaeus (Janet Varney) of Incognito Laboratories who wants to do tests on Flip. Lisa soon that Incognito Labs is doing experiments on Flip to see if he will survive in outer space and enlists Lincoln and Clyde to rescue him.
Band Together: Following a gig at The Burnt Bean, Luna and the Moon Goats encounter Katie Krest at Lynn's Table who is in town launching a summer tour. Luna pitches to Sam, Mazzy, and Sully that they should promote themselves to Katie as they work to get her to hear them out. When the Moon Goats finally get her to listen to their music, Katie is more impressed with Luna as she can be put in a band where it's lead singer has dropped out. When Luna meets the band members Reg, Bonnie, and Jolly Jim, Luna is left to decide if she should join the band or stay with the Moon Goats.

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