The Loud House Season 2 Episode 7 - Lock 'n' Loud / The Whole Picture


Episode Title:
Lock 'n' Loud / The Whole Picture.
Episode Description:
Lock 'n' Loud: Lynn Sr. gets irritated when his children constantly forget to lock the door. In order to make themselves prepared for burglars, Lincoln and his sisters do various things, such as storing their possessions in the bathroom, defending themselves, and enlisting the help of Bobby in Mall Cop attire and Lynn Jr.'s roller derby team in order to protect their house.
The Whole Picture: Lincoln tries to make space on the Loud family's computer for a picture of his first moustache hair only to accidentally delete all of his childhood photos. In order to replace them, Lincoln has Clyde help him reenact each picture by taking the place of his sisters when none of them are available to help due to a sale at the Royal Woods Mall.

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