The Loud House Episode 24 - Funny Business / Snow Bored


Episode Title:
Funny Business / Snow Bored.
Episode Description:
Funny Business: As part of her birthday party business called Funny Business Inc., Luan hires Lincoln to be her birthday clown assistant. Lincoln's antics soon become popular and cause him to hog the spotlight, putting a rift between him and Luan. When Lincoln's latest job is at a birthday party attended by emo kids and none of them fall for his funny tricks, he must make up with Luan in order to entertain them.
Snow Bored: A snow day hits Royal Woods, leading to all the schools closing. As Lisa is against snow days and wishes to end the current one to resume school, her siblings try various snow day events to impress Lisa. When she ends up in a snowball fight with her siblings, she gets hooked on them and uses her connections in NASA to seed the clouds to get more snow.

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