The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World Episode 8 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Yifa's Feelings
Episode Description:
Seika is asked to investigate the strange behaviour of Astelia Kingdom’s guardian dragon, which has protected Astelia since a past queen helped raise it. Astelia’s prince Cecilio, who is rather airheaded, is entranced by Efa and invites her to join his kingdom’s harem. Seika decides to let Efa choose on her own since joining a royal harem is a rare honour. Arriving in Astelia the dragon attacks their carriage but is driven away by Zecht, an arrogant mage mercenary Cecilio hired. Seika scolds Efa for freezing during the attack when she is capable of defending herself. After investigating Astelia’s royal library Seika learns the dragon became violent once before when he and his wife had a baby, which doesn’t explain his current violence since his wife died decades ago. That night Cecilio summons Efa to his room but she refuses and sleeps in Seika’s bed, too scared to be alone. She feels worse when Seika reminds her the harem might be good for her future, even though she is clearly in love with Seika...

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