The First Snow of Winter


Episode Title:
The First Snow of Winter.
Episode Description:
The story takes place in Ireland. Winter is approaching and ducks are starting their migration south. A young and daring white duck named Sean McDuck decides to slide down a hill and cross over to the other side of a stream, despite warnings from his young puffin friend, Puffy. When Sean reaches the other side, Puffy tells him about an approaching red fox, which Sean narrowly escapes. When Sean and his family migrate, he gets lost trying to chase some seagulls. Later he is hit by an airplane resulting in his being stranded with a broken wing. His family thinks he has been killed by the fox when Sean's mother sees her with her kits playing with white feathers. A kindly water vole named Voley is preparing for his winter hibernation but stops to help Sean get ready for the cold weather ahead. Voley also teaches Sean to play a blade of grass as a musical instrument and even does an Irish stepdance with Sean. After struggling through the first day of winter and having to take shelter in a boot, Sean discovers that Puffy was also left behind...

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