The Emperor's New Groove


Episode Title:
The Emperor's New Groove.
Episode Description:
Kuzco is the selfish, egotistical emperor of the Inca kingdom, who routinely punishes those that throw off "his groove". When he lets go of his conniving adviser Yzma, she plots revenge to poison and kill him and take the throne herself. Her dim-witted henchman Kronk mistakes a transformation potion for the vial of poison, and Kuzco instead turns into a llama. Yzma improvises, knocks Kuzco out, and orders Kronk to bag him and take him out of the capital to kill him. While doing so, Kronk has a stroke of consciousness and decides not to go through with it, but unfortunately misplaces the bag on a cart belonging to Pacha, a man from a distant village. Pacha had come to see Kuzco earlier in the day to ask him to reconsider the plans to raze his village to build his resort "Kuzcotopia", but Kuczo waved off his concerns. Pacha does not discover Kuzco until he arrives back at the village. After the shock and surprise at being a talking llama, Kuzco orders Pacha to return him to the capital. Pacha offers, but only if Kuzco would change his mind about Kuzcotopia. Kuzco refuses the offer and sets off on his own, but quickly ends up in trouble with the local wildlife. Pacha arrives to rescue him, and extends his offer. Kuzco accepts Pacha's help, though secretly plans to go back on his word once he is safe. The two survive many ordeals in the jungle, and Pacha finds Kuzco has a good side to him underneath his ego. Meanwhile, Yzma has taken the throne, but learns that Kronk failed to kill Kuzco. The two set out to kill him. The two pairs arrive at a jungle diner at the same time, unaware of the others' presence. Kuczo argues with the cook, while Pacha overhears Yzma's plan, and attempts to warn Kuczo when he returns, but he doesn't believe Pacha, knowing he is beloved by his kingdom. However, Kuzco soon overhears more of Yzma's and Kronk's scheming, and realizes no one in his kingdom misses him, and leaves the diner on his own, planning on living out the rest of his life as a normal llama. Pacha catches up, still willing to help Kuzco return to normal after knowing his life is in danger. Kuzco apologizes for his self-centeredness before they set off back towards Pacha's house to get supplies...

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