The Eminence in Shadow Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
I Am...
Episode Description:
Zenon identifies Cid as the one behind recent attacks on the cult and announces himself as one of the cult’s core members. The demon girl rampages through the city and fights Iris. Alpha reveals herself to Iris as a member of Shadow Garden, defeats the demon, then vanishes. Cid dominates Zenon in a duel. Alexia, who has no idea he is Cid under his disguise, is captivated by his sword style which expresses the heart of the style she has searched for her entire life. Zenon swallows pills that turn him demonic, but, using the principles of a nuclear explosion Cid sets off a magic bomb that dissolves everything in the blast radius to atoms, killing Zenon and destroying most of the evacuated city. Alexia reunites with Iris freshly determined to master her chosen sword style...

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