The Eminence in Shadow Episode 4 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Sadism's Rewards
Episode Description:
In a cell next to a mutated human girl, Alexia has her blood stolen by a cult scientist who claims it contains demon DNA. Cid is tortured by knights for Alexia’s location, but having trained himself to withstand pain he pretends to be a pathetic but innocent NPC, thinking it makes him look cool. After 5 days, Princess Iris orders Cid released. Alpha reappears to Cid with news that they have continued to monitor the cult while increasing Shadow Garden's influence. Cid is impressed Alpha and her fellow Shadows still occasionally visit to carry on their role-playing game with him; unaware Shadow Garden really has become a powerful organization. Alpha plans to rescue Alexia with 114 loyal soldiers; Cid plays along to amuse himself as he knows Alexia really has been kidnapped but mistakenly believes it was corrupt knights and the 114 soldiers are just background actors Alpha hired...

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