The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue


Episode Title:
The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue.
Episode Description:
Rob McGoarty, the owner of the appliances and whom they refer to as "The Master", is working in a veterinary clinic where he tends to injured animals. One night, while working on a thesis, his computer accidentally crashes due to being caused by a terrible computer virus from an old TLW-728 prototype supercomputer named Wittgenstein. The appliances, along with the rat Ratso who found Wittgenstein, then seek to help Rob by finding Wittgenstein to reverse the effects of his computer virus, hence recovering the master's thesis. Meanwhile, in a dual plot of the film, Mack, Rob's lab assistant, plots to sell the injured animals Rob had been tending to as part of his courses to a place called "Tartaras Laboratories", the same place that Sebastian, an old monkey Rob is tending to, was sent to when he was just a baby. When the appliances find Wittgenstein, they discover him abandoned, all alone and run-down and broken in the basement due to being infected by a computer virus, the same one that affected Rob's dorm room computer and the one in the vet clinic's lab when Wittgenstein try to contact them earlier. The miserable supercomputer reveals that he is living on one rare vacuum tube, named the "WFC 11-12-55". The name of the tube is a reference to the producer and screenwriter, Willard F. Carroll (WFC), and his birthdate, November 12, 1955 (11-12-55). The appliances learn that unless they find a replacement quickly, Wittgenstein's tube will blow and lead to his apparent death...

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