The Big Knights Episode 3 - Knight School


Episode Title:
Knight School.
Episode Description:
The Big Knights disgrace themselves whilst performing a song (and belching) at a banquet held by the King. He at first dismisses them from the order of Knights and banishes them but the boys are granted an appeal made on their behalf by the two Princesses. Sir Boris and Sir Morris are forced to attend the Borovian School of Chivalry (run by Sir Kiftsgate) where they are soon appalled at what new knights are taught (how to bow to a Duke and an Earl). The Big Knights decide to teach the old methods of fighting, eating and barking. Sir Kiftsgate is equally appalled when they suggest this. Hence our two heroes open up an Old Fashioned Knight School where the old arts are taught. Their new pupils, however, are not what they seem to be. Unknown to Sir Boris and Sir Morris they end up teaching Knightly secrets to Dragons, Witches and Ogres who eventually terrorise the kingdom until it is rescued by the Big Knights. Sir Kiftsgate, however, states that the Big Knights are indeed his finest pupils suggesting he taught them everything. This does not fool Princesses Lucy and Loretta or Wizard Zabobon for a moment.

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