The Berenstain Bears Meet Bigpaw


Episode Title:
The Berenstain Bears Meet Bigpaw.
Episode Description:
Thanksgiving is approaching in Bear Country. The Bear Family attempt to discern their fortunes by reading the harvest honeycomb when an ominous footprint appears in the bottom of the pan. Mama interprets this as a sign that the Thanksgiving Legend of Bigpaw is coming to pass. According to Mama, that if the bears became selfish and greedy and do not share in the bounties of nature, Bigpaw will come destroy Bear Country. Papa believes the story to be nonsense. Papa considers himself a bear "for all seasons", telling the cubs how he takes care of the Earth and all of its creatures year round - and especially on days like Easter, Christmas, and Arbor Day. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, Papa seems to care more about eating a feast than giving thanks. Meanwhile, Mama continues the Thanksgiving preparations at home ("Thankfulness"). While visiting a pumpkin patch, Papa learn that the legend of the terrifying Bigpaw is real and is on the move through Sinister Bog. On their own, Brother and Sister decide to go and gather mixed nuts for Papa. They set off into the woods and into Sinister Bog. Gathering nuts in a tree, Brother and Sister feel the earth trembling as Bigpaw approaches ("Bigpaw"). Terrified, the cubs lose their balance, and begin to fall from the tree. They are saved from injury, though, by landing in the enormous hand of Bigpaw. Instead of hurting them, Bigpaw gently places them safely upon the ground and the cubs immediately realize that Bigpaw is not a creature to fear. Meanwhile, back at the village square, Papa has gathered members of Bear Country, rallying a group of bears to seek out Bigpaw and "get him before he gets us". Mama thinks the bears are getting carried away ("A Stranger's Just Somebody (You Don't Already Know)"). Bigpaw has climbed a high mountain to take a nap and his yawn echoes through the valley. But the fearful bears interpret his yawn as a terrifying roar and Papa - seeing Bigpaw's giant shadow - assembles a mob. Brother and Sister try to tell Papa of Bigpaw's kindness, but he doesn't listen...

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