The Addams Family 1992 Episode 4 - Girlfriendstein / Pugsley by the Numbers / Beware of Thing


Episode Title:
Girlfriendstein / Pugsley by the Numbers / Beware of Thing.
Episode Description:
Girlfriendstein: The family notices that Lurch has been somewhere else with his attention lately. Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing dig through his room and find out he has recently been dumped by his girlfriend. Fester building him a new girlfriend seems the perfect resolution. Lurch shows no interest in the robot, though, so Wednesday calls his ex-girlfriend to reunite with him. Meanwhile, Cousin Itt has fallen in love with the robot and they run off.
Pugsley by the Numbers: Wednesday is fed up with her brother continuously ruining her paintings that Lurch is posing for. She decides to create an improved Pugsley with her mother's living paint, but every creation she makes ranging from an intelligent Pugsley, a stronger Pugsley, and a female Pugsley prove to be too annoying. With the help of the real Pugsley, she exterminates the alternative Pugsleys and admits that her brother is perfect.
Beware of Thing: The Spy Twins take a break from spying and try to break into the Addams safe which is guarded by Thing. They dress up as a giant hand to seduce and distract Thing, and thereby catch him. Thing is able to escape and eventually scares away The Spy Twins.

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