Tetsu no Ryuukihei Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Sonic Boom Squadron.
Episode Description:
On August 5, 1945, a Japanese force of Betty bombers, each carrying an Ohka and escorted by N1K Shiden fighters, attempts a raid on an American aircraft carrier battle group in the Pacific Ocean. As the raiders are attacked by American carrier-based aircraft, Ensign Nogami, a young Ohka pilot, demands to be launched in his Ohka, but his Betty's crew refuses. The bomber is destroyed, throwing Nogami into space. He survives the failed raid and is able to return to base, where he meets the crew of the Betty who will fly him on a mission the following day, as well as two surviving Shiden pilots who vow to help him succeed in his mission if it costs them their lives.

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