Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 9 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
The Radcliffe Workshop
Episode Description:
Nine months later, Anne returns to Lewiston to prepare for the Royal Candy Fair and runs into Kat along the way. Kat informs Anne that due to this year's unusually low crop yield of sugar apples, harvesting by individuals is banned. In order to participate, Anne will need to make her own supply of silver sugar by temporarily residing at the Radcliffe school, and having not been informed of the edict on purpose due to her reputation, she heads to the workshop. At the workshop, she meets up with Jonas and the receptionist Sammy Jones, and Sammy bullies Anne until Keith Powell arrives to intervene. Needing to find a place for Challe to stay since he is not a labor fairy, Keith decides to make a confection modeled off Challe to allow him to stay. The next day after spending a night at the dormitory, Keith explains that he helped Anne get in because his situation is similar to hers as the son of the previous silver sugar viscount Edward Powell...

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