Strike the Blood OVA Episode 2 English Subbed


Episode Title:
Kingdom of the Valkyria II.
Episode Description:
Lucas and Polifonia discuss the abduction with security. Meanwhile, with the two abductees bound and gagged nearby, erstwhile maid and now full-time terrorist Trine Harden discusses their plans while humiliating Kojo. The world is oblivous to the abduction which is kept from the public. On the day of the ceremony, at Trine's command, Kojo boards and takes over the Aldegyrian flagship, the Bifröst. La Folia is ordered to give control of the airship to the terrorists, who she identifies as being agents from the North Sea Empire (北海帝国). Playing along, she does so and the two captives are returned to their cabin where La Folia turns up the heat. Asagi begins taking over the systems of the Bifröst. The terrorists launch attacks at the ceremonial hall, but are thwarted each time. La Folia identifies the nature of Trine's hold over Kojo and highlights Yukina's charms to free him. Together, he and Yukina defeat the terrorists.

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