Street Fighter 2 V Episode 28 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Fight to the Finish (Round Four).
Episode Description:
Ryu and Ken finally finish their fight at the end of this episode by using the Hadou Shoryu and the Hadouken against each other. The resulting blast of energy knocks the cyberchip off of Ryu's forehead, returning him to normal. Guile manages to pull himself together, and stands again to face Bison. However, Bison doesn't have time to fight Guile personally, and orders the brainwashed Chun-Li to keep Guile occupied. Ryu and Ken eventually meet up with Guile and Chun-Li in the control room of the fortress. Their reunion is short-lived, however, as Bison's eagle head transports Guile and Chun-Li outside to continue their battle. It also teleports Ryu, Ken, and Bison into the focal point of the universe where all of its power flows, although this is not seen until the next episode.

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