Steven Universe: The Movie


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Steven Universe: The Movie.
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After an introduction from the Diamonds ("The Tale of Steven"), Steven Universe (now 16 years old) greets the citizens of the Gem Empire. The Diamonds want him to stay to fulfill his mother Pink Diamond's role as a leader ("Let Us Adore You"), but he refuses. Back on Earth, the Crystal Gems celebrate their newfound peace ("Happily Ever After"). Almost immediately, a giant drill lands on the hillside, and Spinel, a deranged and cartoonish Gem, appears, announcing her intent to kill Steven and the rest of the Earth ("Other Friends"). Using a scythe-like weapon, she "poofs" Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst back into their gem forms; her attacks also weaken Steven's Gem powers, though his body is unharmed. Steven manages to poof Spinel with the scythe...

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