Star Trek: Prodigy Episode 12 - Let Sleeping Borg Lie


Episode Title:
Let Sleeping Borg Lie
Episode Description:
The crew watches a holodeck program of Gwyn & The Diviner's conversation regarding the "weapon" aboard the ship and its devastating purpose. They conduct a search of the ship but find nothing until a hidden set of letters from Gwyn's home of Solum is located on the Bridge. Her "heirloom" becomes a key revealing a hidden sub-deck where they find the device. Attempts to destroy it fail as it possesses a self-defense sentience. An alert signals a ship in front of the Protostar, and it is revealed to be a deactivated Borg Cube. The discovery intrigues everyone else but Hologram Janeway has severe trepidations due to past experiences with the race. Dal and company think that maybe the Borg can help figure out how to remove the device so Janeway reluctantly agrees to try and board the Cube. Once aboard, Zero uses their ability to link to the ship's system but the crew are suddenly overwhelmed as their actions awaken the dormant Borgs and capture the crew for assimilation. Zero is assimilated into the collective but Gwyn helps break them away when she alerts them that they swore not to harm anyone but allowing assimilations would counter their belief. Zero returns to normal, puts the entire ship back into dormancy and the team return to Protostar. The crew learn that the device is a living construct and cannot be removed or destroyed but decide to continue to use the ship to conduct heroic missions as they respond to a distress signal. Aboard the Dauntless, Admiral Janeway learns that The Diviner is somewhat conscious but not completely to where she can question him regarding the ship. Lt. Ascensia suggests using the bio-serum in the suit he was in to rejuvenate him to which Janeway agrees. Directing the ship to the last Protostar warp signature, they arrive to find the remains of CR 721 which was destroyed in the previous episode. Janeway comes to the conclusion that Chakotay is no longer in control of the Protostar and that whoever does must be a threat to be stopped. Janeway has The Diviner revived and he awakens.

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